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GSF car parts is bad now!

Posted by Pepinot on February 4th, 2007

They shipped me bad front strut top mounts. Rocco is High-Low-Leg now ! [ does herbal viagra really work | cialis sales | women who take viagra | viagra next day delivery | viagra herb alternative | cialis soft tablets | buy discount viagra online | discount viagra sales online | buy levitra viagra | […]

Engine Mount & Cracked Cam Belt

Posted by Pepinot on February 4th, 2007

My mechanic helped me replace all round Engine Mounts. A hydraulic press was needed to get the old rubber mount out from the bracket, HK$120 for 4 pcs. Good deal! The Cam Belt is 19 years old, it’s all way cracked. Special thanks to Fai-gor, my mechanic. He got all those junk parts replaced nicely. […]