A few words from the car’s 4th owner – Big Dave

Posted by Pepinot on September 18th, 2015

While the car had sold to it’s 8th owner, the 4th owner have some words:

[2015年9月17日] Big Dave:




返到去看下想下,醒起觀塘車房仔週末去飛龍翔道,佢地提過Golf GTI 好快,話快過曬D小福星,Levin…但快唔過詩麗雅..因為詩麗雅行電腦嘛…


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f O r V E R

Posted by Pepinot on September 18th, 2015

The story is coming to the end.

Frank had sold the mk1 GTI. The one and only one HK car worked locally for 33 years.

It was supposed to last forever, now is over.

Goodbye… Wish you luck & all the best.


2E3 Service Manuals

Posted by Pepinot on November 13th, 2014







(more to come later)

Scirocco MOT 2014

Posted by Pepinot on November 13th, 2014

I have a hard time on the MOT this year.

The stock Pierburg 2E2 carburettor is running too rich mixture, and the idling is rough. (Finally, I had found some rats bites on the idle warm up cables)

There is almost no way to tune it back to original setting. 🙁

So, I had asked all my parts friends to help in.

Finally, My friend, an OEM carburettor vendor, Mr. Mu of  “Jilin FAJS Automobile Accessory Co., Ltd” got 1 spared OEM 2E3 (Aka. China Red Flag CA212) for me.

It is so kind of him, he send me the thing with spared parts free of charge.


It is a bit dirty but is was brand new and passed test with his factory.

I would like to say thanks again to Mr.Mu !!

Magic Angel Creamy Mami & Golf Mk1

Posted by Pepinot on August 26th, 2014

In 1985 the Japanese Animation – Magic Angel Creamy Mami

Mami was riding on her manger’s VW Golf Mk1.

mami1 mami2 mami3 mami4 mami5 mami6 mami7

4 Headlights conversion completed and tested

Posted by Frankie C on May 16th, 2014