I have a hard time on the MOT this year.

The stock Pierburg 2E2 carburettor is running too rich mixture, and the idling is rough. (Finally, I had found some rats bites on the idle warm up cables)

There is almost no way to tune it back to original setting. 🙁

So, I had asked all my parts friends to help in.

Finally, My friend, an OEM carburettor vendor, Mr. Mu of  “Jilin FAJS Automobile Accessory Co., Ltd” got 1 spared OEM 2E3 (Aka. China Red Flag CA212) for me.

It is so kind of him, he send me the thing with spared parts free of charge.


It is a bit dirty but is was brand new and passed test with his factory.

I would like to say thanks again to Mr.Mu !!

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