Project Background

The GTI was discovered on 2002. It was towed to a parking lot from a junk yard. The previous owner wanted to refinish the body with a new paint job. However the process was on hold due to undetermined reason. Thus, he wanna give up & sold out the whole project.

The Mk1 GTI back in 2002

The GTI is very complete. All the bumper & parts were kept inside the car.

The engine cannot start. All it needed was a new gentle owner.

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  1. Ownership story:

    The car was belong to our friend big Dave during 2000. After that, it was sold to a British guy.

    On 2002, the car was found in junk yard and will be trashed soon. My friend Alex Yuen had pulled out the car out from junk yard, traced back the owner address in Traffic Department.

    After several hand writing letter communication. The British guy had found the old Registration Documents of the GTI. Thus, gave to Alex for free.

    However, Alex cannot get the project right on track.

    As an old car, this history is quite dramatic….

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