Last weekend, I take time to visit the VWHK showroom. I have checked out the latest new Scirocoo.
However, I don’t like it because:

  1. New Scirocco lost the “Fast Back” stream line from MK1 & MK2
  2. The trunk is way two small compared to MK1 & MK2
  3. The VW logo is on the bonnet instead of the front grill
  4. The interior is the same as Golf, not complete new designed as MK1 & Mk2
  5. New Scirocco is not assembled by Karmann Factory

To be frank, the new Scirocco is not a true successor of Scirocco, it succeed nothing from MK1 & MK2.

IMO, it is very similar to the New Beetle. A Golf with a different skin.




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