This is the capture of my rim restoration project from Vorsicht Forum


My friend got 1 set of 2 Pieces BBS RM rims on his Mk2 GTI 16V.

Since the rims have been manufactured for over 20 years, its about time for a complete restoration.

We had bought 160 pcs of BBS screws from Ebay Germany.
And then send the rims to an old mechanic.
He took 1 week to soak those old BBS screws with WD40, and the loosen all old screws nicely.

The outer rings were disassembled now. Waiting for refurbishing.
Surprisingly, there rings are light as paper boards. Now I know it is really worth for restoration!

The rim body is now in a painting shop.
IMG_0342  IMG_0341

The Screw are get from:

i need 3 different Si-fu to complete the job.
1st one is my mechanic who got the screw detached.
2nd one is the polishing factory si-fu
3rd is the rim cleaning and repaint on a paint shop.
after all stuffs finish, whole batch will go back to the 1st mechanic.
Total cost still unknown


The rings had finished polishing.
The BBS used a very high quality material. A mirror finish is achieved by a normal polishing only.

that is a good sign, since all re-chrome cost can be eliminated.

They will be send back to the 1st mechanic this few days.

3 2

Finally, the rims completed & back to the mk2 16v again!

don’t ask me how much…
i don’t know as I need to take some time to calculate.

1 22


Download PDF: howtoBBSwheelrebuild

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