Alternator Belt & Clutch Cable

I really have a hard time during my 1st ‘Scirocco Summer’. The hot summer brings out all issues from my 19 years old Scirocco.

The throttle got jammed in the Vorsicht HK ’06 May morning drive event. Full throttle all the way in Tolo Harbour Road. I need ‘turn-off-key’ to make the car stop. Pretty scary.
1 week later, my alternator belt broken on a rainy Friday night. My wife gonna hate the Rocco like hell. Thanks Jelly & Raymond jump started my car; actually, I have the spared belt sat in home for over 2 years.

Finally on June 22, I got this damx old york a/c booster removed from my engine.
On June 23, I am on the way to Vorsicht Friday Night Drink. The clutch cable was broken. I need drive home by 2nd gear.

The clutch cable was replaced by a new one the day after. Again, the spared cable sat at my home for over 1 year. Why I am too lazy??? 🙁


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